DeSalin K



paint, cement, mortar, resin residues remover


DeSalin K
DeSalin K is a specially formulated cleaner for fast and effective action. It is ideal for removing stains created by paints, resins, rust, cement residues, glues, adhesives or other organic matter from chemically resistant surfaces.
Key Benefits
  • Removes Paint & Cement Residue
  • Cleans Grout, Tile, Stone & Brick
  • Removes Rust & Mold
  • Cost Effective.
Surfaces Ceramic tiles, cement bricks, chemically resistant stones or surfaces.
Application Note Surface Application: Apply DeSalin Κ on the stained surface without diluting or up to 1:5 dilution ratio for lightly stained surfaces. Allow DeSalin K to act on the surface for about a minute. Remove residues by scrubbing with a hard sponge (do not use metallic sponges). After removal, wash with plenty of water. Use only in well ventilated areas.

Coverage: 6-8 m²/L, depending on the absorption properties of the surface applied.

Additional information


Paint & Cement Residue, Salt / Efflorescence, Stain


Cement, Ceramic, Stone

Area of Application

Exterior, Floor, Interior, Roof, Wall


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