DeSalin T



stain remover specifically for polished and sensitive surfaces such as marble, granite and natural stones.


DeSalin T
DeSalin T is an active, Acid-Free cleaner, specially formulated for polished, sensitive surfaces deeply absorbed stains.
Key Benefits
  • Effectively remove stains resulted from ink, coffee, oil, tomato, juices and other organic material.
  • Maintain the original natural appearance of the surface.
  • Save time for its ease of use.
  • Cost Effective.



Surfaces Polished or absorbing marbles, granites, absorbing stones & tiles.
Application Note Surface Application: Directly apply DeSalin T on the stained surface. Keep the application surface moist by placing a piece of cotton or white cloth that you have wetted with DeSalin T. Do not step on the application area and allow it to act for at least 24h. If the liquid evaporates or for extremely persistent stains, you may reapply.

Coverage: 14-20 m²/L, depending on the absorption properties of the surface applied.

Additional information




Granite, Marble, Tile

Area of Application

Exterior, Floor, Interior, Roof, Wall


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