DeSalin Gel Rust Remover



Heavy Duty Rust Remover in gel form


DeSalin Gel Rust Remover
The removal of rust is often difficult, since conventional liquid are not effective for vertical steel surfaces, bottoms of steel beams or even obsolete screws; the rust remover drip without the rust to remove. Therefore, DeSalin GRR developed in gel form in order to remove on all surfaces, whether vertical or horizontal, hard or easily, accessible to stick.
Key Benefits
  • Heavy Duty Rust Remover with very high efficiency
  • For its Gel form; it can be used in all surfaces, whether vertical or horizontal, hard or easily, accessible to stick.
  • No waste and no dripping.
  • Prevents early development of rust.
  • Ideal to prepare metal surfaces for application of paints.
  • Removes rust without smoke or fumes.
  • Soluble in water – leaves no residue
  • Fast acting and save cleaning time.
  • Can be used to removes rust stains on walls, concrete, tile or ceramic
  • Cost Effective.
Surfaces Removes rust from any metal surface, Ideal for sea salt corrosion. Restores corrodes steel bars. Removes rust stains from tiles and grout.
Application Note Surface Application: The application surface must be free of dust and friable materials. Apply DeSalin Gel Rust Remover, without prior dilution, with the use of a paint brush. Leave on surface for 10-20 minutes and then scrub with a soft sponge or a soft non-metallic brush. Wash thoroughly with plenty of water. For persistent rust stains reapply.

Coverage: approx. 8 m2/Kg,

Additional information


Rust, Salt / Efflorescence


Cement, Ceramic, Stone, Tile

Area of Application

Exterior, Floor, Interior, Roof


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