DeSalin SG



Efflorescence remover and protector


DeSalin SG
DeSalin SG is a special cleaner, developed for treating efflorescence deposits on porous surfaces.
Key Benefits
  • Grabs and solubilizes the metal cations responsible for efflorescence growth.
  • protection against future development of Efflorescence
  •  Acid- and solvent-free
  • Does not change the appearance of the surfaces.
  •  Easy to apply
  • Cost Effective.



Surfaces ceramic bricks, roof tiles, stones or other absorptive surfaces.
Application Note Surface Application: DeSalin SG is applied by dipping of the efflorescent surface. Dipping solution can be diluted in 1:2 (one volume of DeSalin SG with two volumes of water). SurfaPore C can be applied on the treated surface 48h after DeSalin SG treatment.

Coverage: 4-6 m2/L, strongly dependent on absorption properties of the application surface and the efflorescence load.

Additional information


Salt / Efflorescence


Cement, Ceramic, Clay, Stone

Area of Application

Exterior, Floor


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