SurfaPore C



Water repellent for concrete, mortar, cement, grout, stucco and natural/artificial stones.


SurfaPore® C
SurfaPore C is a Nanotechnology water based, liquid formulation that provides water repellency and protection for porous surfaces.
Key Benefits
  • Effective water repellency for porous mineral surfaces in addition to protection from aqueous stains, algae / moss.
  • Increased service life of the surface and minimal cleaning effort.
  • Maintain original natural appearance and breathability of the surface.
  • Minimal Application time.
  • Cost effectiveness.
Surfaces Cement, Concrete and plaster Surfaces, Natural and artificial stones,
Application Note Surface Application: The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore C by using a brush, roller or spraying. No dilution is required. On very absorptive surfaces re-apply within 3 hours.

Mixing: Replace 1/3 of water used in your mix with SurfaPore C. Mix well. In any case (surface application or mixing) test results on a small area before full scale application. Maximum water repellency is achieved 24 hours post application.

Coverage: 8-10 m┬▓/L, strongly dependent. on the properties of the surface applied.

Additional information


Fungi, Mould, Paint & Cement Residue, Salt / Efflorescence, Water


Cement, Ceramic, Clay, Stone

Area of Application

Ceiling, Exterior, Floor, Interior, Roof, Wall


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