SurfaPore T



Water repellent and sealant for marble, granite, porcelain


SurfaPore® T
SurfaPore T is an effective nanosealing for protecting & preserving the appearance of valuable surfaces form water and or other aqueous stains.
Key Benefits
  • Effective Water repellency and protection against aqueous stains.
  • Increased service life of the surface.
  • Do not affect the natural appearance (gloss or structure) of the treated surface.
  • Minimized cleaning effort.
  • Minimal Application time.
  • Cost effectiveness.
Surfaces Porcelain tiles, polished marble and granite.
Application Note Surface Application: The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore T with a brush, roller or spraying. No dilution is required. After 15 minutes and before SurfaPore T dries completely, remove any excess and polish, by using a wet cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth. On sensitive surfaces, reapply within 3 hours. Test results on a small area before full scale application. Maximum effectiveness is achieved 24 hours after application. Coverage: 14-20 m²/L, strongly dependent on the properties of the surface applied.

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Dust & Dirt Pickup, Stain, Water


Granite, Marble, Tile


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