SurfaPore W



Water repellent and preservative for absorptive wood.


SurfaPore® W
SurfaPore W is a Nanotechnology water base formulation that repel water and oil stains providing excellent dimensional stability even in the most humid environment.
Key Benefits
  • Effective Water and Oil repellency and protection against aqueous stains.
  • Increased service life of the surface.
  • Minimal Application time.
  • Cost effectiveness.
Surfaces Absorptive wooden surfaces: Fences/posts, roof shingles, garden furniture/sheds, decking & docks, fences/posts, facades.
Application Note Surface Application: Applicable on natural, absorptive wooden surfaces. Remove any varnish or wood stain residues before applying SurfaPore W. The application surface should be dry and clean. Shake well before use. SurfaPore W is ready to use; no need to dilute before applying. Apply SurfaPore W by brush, roller or spraying. Maximum performance is reached 24h after application. In case of very absorptive surfaces, reapply within 2 hours. Application temperature: 10-35oC (50-95oF).

Coverage: 8-10 m┬▓ per Liter, strongly dependent on the properties of the surface applied.

Wood Stain or Varnish Application: Let SurfaPore W cure for at least 72h before application. Applying wood varnish or stain on a SurfaPore W treated surface might affect their color or adherence. Test results on a small area before full scale application.

Additional information


Grease, Oil, Stain, Water



Area of Application

Exterior, Interior, Roof, Wall


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