SurfaShield C



Self-cleaning and continuous protection of porous building surfaces such as cement, stones, walls and grout


SurfaShield C
SurfaShield C is Nanotechnology, environmentally friendly liquid formulation specially designed to make coated surfaces efficiently decompose organic stains, bacteria, mold, gaseous pollutants, even odours.
Key Benefits
  • Decomposes organic stains and gaseous pollutants and protects against stains eliminates bacteria, germs, mold and microorganisms
  • Purifies the air and improves air quality
  • Minimizes the cleaning effort
  • Reduces dirt adhesion
  • Maintain original natural appearance and breathability of the surface.
  • Minimal Application time.
  • Cost effectiveness.
Surfaces Stones, cement, grout, render, plaster, mortar, unpolished marble.,
Application Note Surface Application: Shake or stir the container vigorously before use. The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaShield C with a brush, roller or spray gun. No dilution is required. If any excess remains on the application surface, remove by using a wet cloth. On very absorptive surfaces re-apply a second coating. The application of SurfaPore C or SurfaPore M 24h prior to SurfaShield C application is recommended, in order to reduce water or stain penetration.

Coverage: 8-10 m²/L, strongly dependent. on the properties of the surface applied.

Additional information


Bacteria / Microbes, Dust & Dirt Pickup, Fungi, Mould, Stain


Cement, Clay, Stone

Area of Application

Exterior, Interior, Wall


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