DeSalin AM



Preservative against mold, algae and microorganisms for internal and external masonry surfaces.


DeSalin AM
DeSalin AM is a powerful water-based environmentally friendly fungicide that kills mold, algae and microorgan-isms for internal and external masonry surfaces. Ideal for cleaning infected surfaces and preventing the black and green spotting caused by microorganisms.
Key Benefits
  • Removes mold, microorganisms, bacteria and prevents their future growth.
  • preventive protection against mold with 2 x annual application.
  • Maintain surface appearance.
  • Cost Effective.
Surfaces Interior, high humidity surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements, external surfaces such as stone, tiles, fountains, Painted and unpainted walls.
Application Note Surface Application: To disinfect and preserve the surface, apply DeSalin AM by using a brush, without any prior dilution. Scrub with a sponge or a stiff brush after 24h. Rinse the application surface with water or a wet sponge. Ensure long term protection from microorganisms by applying DeSalin AM, every six months.

Coverage: 8-10 m²/L, depending on the absorption properties of the surface applied.

Additional information


Bacteria / Microbes, Fungi, Mould


Cement, Ceramic, Clay, Gypsum Boards, Stone, Tile, Wood

Area of Application

Ceiling, Exterior, Floor, Interior, Roof, Wall


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