DeSalin DG



Heavy Duty DeGreaser for removing oils and greases from surfaces


DeSalin DG
DeSalin DG is a biodegradable, water-based, heavy-duty degreaser that easily cuts through, emulsifies and removes oil, grease and grime.
Key Benefits
  • Emulsifies and removes oil, grease, wax, fuel and sludge stains.
  • Used in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) applications,
  • Due to the non-applicable Flash point, it significantly reduces the risk of fire caused by incidental contact with live equipment.
  • Evaporates fast: Minimizes downtime associated with “clean-in-place” cleaning methods.
  • It generates no acid or acidic byproducts.
  • Cost Effective.



Surfaces Wherever there are oily stains.
Application Note Surface Application: Spray liberally and allow running off. Use extension tube for hard-to-reach areas. Allow equipment to fully dry and vent before using. Using a dry, absorbent cloth can accelerate drying time. Do not use on plastics such as acrylic, ABS and polycarbonate. If uncertain, check with the manufacturer or test on a small area before using. Not for use on sensitive electronics. For personal safety, do not use while equipment is energized. Coverage: 4-6 m2/L, strongly dependent on absorption properties of the application surface and the efflorescence load.

Additional information


Dust & Dirt Pickup, Grease, Oil, Paint & Cement Residue, Stain


Cement, Ceramic, Stone, Tile

Area of Application

Exterior, Floor, Interior


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