SurfaGuard Metals



Corrosion inhibitor/shop primer


SurfaGuard Metals
SurfaGuard Metals is a nanotechnology water based, liquid formulation specifically designed to inhibit corrosion for ferrous surfaces.
Key Benefits
  • Effective inhibits corrosion for ferrous surfaces.
  • When applied on stainless steel it helps to preserve its “gloss” and shiny appearance.
  • Can be used for removing and passivating existing rust.
  • Minimal Application time.
  • Cost effectiveness.
Surfaces  Ferrous surface: carbon steel, cast iron, galvanized steel and stainless steel, non-ferrous surfaces: aluminum and zinc alloys, reinforced steel bars.
Application Note Surface Application: Shake the container vigorously before use. The application surface has to be clean and dry. Clean the surface, prior to application, with an alkaline, acidic or neutral cleaner or solvent. Apply SurfaGuard Metals by a) immersing the metal for 3 – 10 minutes, or b) spraying for 1-3 minutes or c) brushing 2 coats using a brush or a roller. After removal of the application excess, curing takes place within 2 hours in ambient temperature.

Coverage: 5-8 m²/L, strongly dependent on the application method.

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Area of Application

Exterior, Floor, Interior, Roof, Wall


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